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ARTIST CALLOUT: Community mural against Islamophobia

Published on June 22, 2021

About the project

On June 6th, our province and country was shattered with news of an Islamophobic attack in London, ON. Three generations of a Muslim family were killed by a 20 year old white man in a truck, his mind poisoned by hate. 

Following this attack, and with a nation reeling from the discovery of 215 bodies of Indigenous children at an unmarked grave in the Kamloops residential school, one thing was clear: communities facing the brunt of violence and racism want action, not just statements of solidarity. 

Motivated by this call, we are working with local Muslim community leaders to create a project of art pieces spreading the message of anti-hate and anti-Islamophobia across our city. This was inspired by Yumnah Afzal, the teenager who was among the four family members killed. Yumnah was an artist herself, who painted a mural in her school (pictured above) which was an attempt to communicate a positive vision of Islam, and inspiring messages to reach children. 

Artist callout

We are seeking local artists to help us with this project, to create art pieces depicting a message of community and anti-Islamophobia. Artists will need to dedicate some time to consult with local muslim leaders on what such a piece should look like.

Artists will need to provide their own supplies and a plywood to paint on. 

If you are interested in participating in this project, please send an email to [email protected] with your expression of interest, a sample of your work if available, and a sample quote of costs for your time and supplies. 

Cost breakdown:

  • 3 hours: community consultations
  • Unspecified hours: planning and painting of mural (to be determined by artist, based on work and size). 
  • Art supplies and plywood for art 

Our budget for this project is able to accommodate a fee of $200-350 per hour of work.