Joel Harden MPP / Député, Ottawa Centre

Government of Ontario

Phone Canvass Survey

Hi, can I please speak with _________?

I’m ______, I’m with the Ottawa Centre NDP and we’re calling people today about demanding more from politics.

Our candidate Joel Harden is fighting to ensure the community is included in major decisions that happen in the neighborhood. Big developers control too much of our city, and that's why there's a lack of affordable housing, and good public services. So we want to ensure you get a say in these decisions. What do you think?

(wait for response- it sucks!)

I know! That’s why we deserve better. We need smart people like you to vote to keep hydro affordable and the NDP this election (June 7 2017). Can we count on you to vote for Joel Harden and the NDP?

(record response)


Are you still living at ___________?

Would I be able to get your e-mail?

IF 1 or 2
We need your help to make it happen: would you like to volunteer (examples help)?

Would you take a sign?

Would you be willing to donate $20 to help the campaign? (If yes, take donation on the spot here:

We also have a meet and greet with Joel Thursday Feb 8 at the Alexander Community Centre at 6pm-- would you like to come and let us know your top issues? 

Thanks - you’ll hear from us soon and throughout the next few months!

Marking Responses
1- I always vote NDP/I know Joel
2- Yes, sounds good (general agreement)/ sure, it’s my first time voting NDP
3-I’m not sure/undecided (please note if won’t say, ask if they usually vote Liberal, PC, Green; write that down)
4-No to NDP (ask if they usually vote Liberal, PC, Green; write that down)
5-No WAY get out of my face/do not contact/hostile
WS- won’t say

COME BACKS (people on the fence “3” or say they don’t really vote NDP- always follow up with re-ask)
-What’s an issue you care about? (listen, try to match with NDP platform and remind them the liberals just don’t care )

WHO IS JOEL? (If someone asks)
-educator, an activist, a writer, and a father of two young children. He was raised in Vankleek Hill, about an hour’s drive east of Ottawa, which was built on the unceded land of the Algonquin Nation.
​-worked Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), Joel designed a successful campaign to improve the Canada Pension Plan, and education programs for the next generation of union leaders. In 2012, Joel left the CLC to write a book on grassroots social movements, and teach in the Department of Law and Legal Studies at Carleton University.-researcher for the Canadian Federation of Students

Will you vote for Joel?

We’re calling people today about demanding more from politics