Joel Harden MPP / Député, Ottawa Centre

Government of Ontario

MPP Harden denounces Doug Ford’s cuts to Ottawa teachers during ongoing pandemic

Published on March 10, 2021

OTTAWA and QUEEN’S PARK — Ottawa Centre MPP Joel Harden is worried about looming education cuts coming from Doug Ford after learning that Ottawa-Carleton District School Board is expected to cut 167 elementary and secondary teachers this fall. Kids will need more help to get back on track – not less, says Official Opposition Education critic Marit Stiles and MPP Joel Harden (Ottawa Centre).

“Students have faced a year of turmoil and are dealing with huge challenges in learning and their overall well-being. We need more caring adults in schools, not less,” said Stiles. “How can Doug Ford justify a return to the kind of deep cuts he was making before the pandemic?” Stiles asked during question period on Wednesday, after news broke of Ottawa-Carleton’s coming cuts.

Ottawa Centre MPP Joel Harden said Ford was making deep cuts before the pandemic, and it looks like he’s planning to return to those deep cuts after the pandemic.
"Ottawa teachers, education workers, and parents did everything they could to keep students safe during the worst of the pandemic, when Doug Ford was shortchanging them,” said Harden. 

“Our school communities took it upon themselves to take extra precautions to care of each other, and now instead of announcing help, the Ford government is taking away their supports. They need more help to get through this pandemic, and they’re going to need more help in the school year ahead to recover from the learning loss and trauma of the pandemic."