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MPP Udpate #206: Survivors of violence are denied their day in court, and their day at Queen's Park

** Warning: this week’s column is about sexual assault. Help is available if you or someone you know is at risk. Contact the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa for 24/7 confidential support at... More

MPP Update #205: Let’s revive youth employment programs at the Parkdale Food Centre

Today’s column is about creating opportunities for youth. A terrific employment program at the Parkdale Food Centre is paused, and we need your help to revive it. But before getting to that, let’s ... More

MPP Update #204: Let's support the staff at Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services

Two days ago was May Day, a global celebration of workers’ rights. So this week I’m thinking about the generations of workers who built our communities. I’m also thinking of those on the front line... More

MPP Update #203: When a picture says a thousand words

Sometimes one witnesses things that will be remembered for generations. I saw one of those moments yesterday. Having been asked to leave the Chamber at Queen’s Park, MPP Sarah Jama (Hamilton Centre... More

MPP Update #202: We need a windfall tax on oil/gas profits to fund climate solutions

This Saturday is Earth Day, and I have a metaphor for you to consider. Imagine your local forest is in flames, but the neighbours are debating how to call 911. Should I use my cellphone, or should ... More

Protecting the Boreal Caribou

This week I was honoured to speak about a letter I wrote to Environment Minister Andrea Khanjin inspired by students at Hopewell Public School. After my remarks, I hand-delivered the letter to Mini... More