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MPP Update #166: Olivia Chow's win gives me hope for our country

On Monday, I had the privilege of being in Toronto to witness Olivia Chow’s victory in the mayoral by-election. I bundled the visit with Toronto Pride events the day before (which were massive, liv... More

MPP Update #165: Let's organize now for safe streets

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of the war on the car. And the bicycle. And pedestrians. And road workers. And transit workers or riders. I’m tired of war metaphors altogether when it comes to... More

MPP Update #164: We need safe schools for everyone

Not my monkeys, not my circus I believe that you Oh well you deserve,  An open heart   All the words that we tried to write down Did not have the fight, in our hearts I did not believe them   And I... More

MPP Update #163: On June 9th, let's defend queer and trans youth

Seventeen months ago, a man traveled from British Columbia to display homophobic and transphobic placards outside public schools in Toronto and Ottawa. At first, he took Toronto schools by surprise... More

MPP Update #162: Governments are judged by how they treat the marginalized

This week we debated Bill G91, the Less Red Tape, Stronger Economy Act.  This was the Ford government’s seventh bill to remove “unnecessary regulatory burdens”. But as I studied Bill 91 – a massive... More

MPP Update #161: Community options for youth mental health

I met with a group of parents recently, and they told me more youth are in mental health crisis, or nearing a state of crisis. Youth mental health was in a challenging state before the COVID-19 pan... More