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COVID Update: Tuesday, April 21

Here are today’s new developments:  The Federal government announced a new fund for community organizations community organizations, and said businesses can start applying for the federal wage su... More

COVID Update: Monday, April 20

Here are today’s new developments:   Canada’s House of Commons resumed today, with the federal Conservatives blocking an agreement reached by the other parties for sittings of Parliament to be lim... More

COVID Update: Friday, April 17

Here are today’s new developments:  Prime Minister Trudeau announced aid for the energy sector, plus support for rural businesses and workers in the arts and culture sectors. Ontario will not... More

COVID Update: Thursday, April 16

Here are today’s new developments: Canada is expanding measures to help businesses during the pandemic, including broadened loan eligibility --  groups like the Canadian Federation of Independent... More

COVID Update: Tues, April 14

Here are today’s new developments: The eventual reopening of Canadian businesses will take a phased-in approach, but any ease on restrictions is most likely weeks away.  Travellers arriving i... More

COVID Update: Thurs, Apr 9

Friends,  Here are today’s new developments: Statistics Canada released stark job numbers today, reporting Canada lost more than one million jobs in March.  Ontario lost about 403,000 jobs i... More