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RE: Urgent need for transit operations funding

On February 6th, 2023 I, alongside MPP Jennifer French and MPP Jeff Burch, sent a letter to the Minister of Finance asking the government regarding the urgent need for transit operations funding. Y... More

MPP Update #145: On February 12, let's take a walk (or ski) in the snow

I’ve worked as your MPP since 2018, and I’ve seen our city face many things. Two massive windstorms, two “once in a century” floods, a horrendous bus crash, a dysfunctional light rail transit syste... More

MPP Update #144: Next steps to save public health care

As promised, we are organizing to save our public health care system. It's time to push back against Premier Doug Ford's plans. There are two important events coming soon. The first is a zoom round... More

MPP Update 143: Building a movement to save public health care

Yesterday we sent a message to Premier Doug Ford: health care is not for sale. Over a hundred people came on less than 48 hours notice to demand better for health care staff, better for patients, a... More

Letter re: Invitation to attend our emergency town hall – fixing Ontario’s LRT-P3 systems

On January 16th, 2023 our office sent a letter to the General Manager of Transit Services at the City of Ottawa Renée Amilcar, Metrolinx President and CEO Phil Verster, and Infrastructure Ontario P... More

MPP Update 142: On January 26th, Ottawa and Toronto unite for better transit!

It’s been a rough week for public transit, and people are at their wit’s end. I’m hearing from folks whose commutes have doubled or tripled in length. Transit workers are also frustrated with fundi... More