Joel Harden MPP / Député, Ottawa Centre

Government of Ontario

I support OHIP coverage for uninsured persons

On March 27th, I told CTV News that Ontario should leave no one behind

The interview was about the Ford government’s decision to cancel a pandemic-inspired decision to extend OHIP coverage to uninsured people.    

Refugees, migrant workers, international students and others will once again face high fees for medical care. Given modest COVID levels, the government says uninsured people should travel back to their countries of origin for health needs.

The government says help exists elsewhere, and OHIP extension is unnecessary. Medical professionals say otherwise — our Community Health Centres are at capacity, and federal programs for the uninsured are insufficient. OHIP is an effective solution, and the costs (given the small numbers of people) are modest.

We must demand better. Let’s build an Ontario with no second class citizens, where no one is left behind.

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