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Support Voula's Law

Stop banning concerned family members visiting seniors and people with disabilities.

Retirement, long-term care and group homes are using trespassing laws to keep family advocates out when they raise concerns about their loved ones' living conditions. We are calling for a clear message that this is inappropriate, and that advocates need to be heard, not banned from the premises.

It's cruel and unfair to punish seniors, people with disabilities, and their loved ones for speaking out on their behalf.

Voula’s Law, if passed would require the Ontario government to provide clear direction to operators of retirement homes, long-term care and groups homes that they cannot use the Trespass to Property Act to ban family members who speak out about their loved ones’ living conditions.
Motion 129 or “Voula’s Law,” is named after the 98-year old mother of Mary Sardelis who was banned from her mother’s retirement home in Ottawa for 316 days. The motion comes in response to some senior care facilities and group homes issuing trespass notices against family members who have raised concerns about conditions in the home.

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