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Who is Ford listening to when making decisions about the Ottawa Hospital?

Who is Ford listening to when making decisions about the Ottawa Hospital? OTTAWA - Following an announcement Friday that Premier Ford and his Conservative MPP’s are going ahead with funding the con... More

Update #105 Kindness always comes first

I’ve taken a couple of days off this week with our family for March Break. I hope you’ve had time off too. Taking a break allows time for reflection.  Lately I’ve been thinking about Wonder, one of... More

Update #103: It’s time to rally for peace

A text message from a Russian soldier to his mother was intercepted earlier this week. Its words were stark. “We were told we would be greeted with open arms, but they call us fascists,” the  soldi... More

MPP Harden calls on Premier to remove Ottawa Police Board member who attended convoy occupation

OTTAWA — Following a report from Queen’s Park Briefing revealing that the Provincial government Ottawa Police Services Board appointee Robert Swaita attended the convoy’s illegal occupation in the ... More

Email Update #102

We’ve been through a lot in three weeks. Much has happened that will be discussed for years. Top of my list, as I wrote last Friday, is the power of people in action.  Mutual aid among neighbours, ... More

Email Update 101: We survived, we are strong, and we must heal this country

As I write, the removal of the Ottawa Convoy is happening, and I have mixed emotions.   On the one hand, I will not celebrate any violence that may happen. I take no joy in pain being inflicted on ... More

Email Update 100

Tonight is our third emergency town hall in the last week.  Our goal was to keep you informed about community efforts to get through this moment.  As I said last week, we will outlast the convoy wi... More

Ontario can cancel commercial vehicle licences to end protests, and should: Harden

QUEEN’S PARK — The Ontario government has the power to take away the Commercial Vehicle Operator Certificates (CVOR) of any convoy protestor that doesn’t leave right now — and he should use it, sai... More

Letter to Premier Ford re: Freedom Convoy

Ottawa Centre MPP Joel Harden and Somerset Ward Councillor Catherine McKenney sent a joint letter to Premier Ford today, requesting provincial support for our city following the "freedom convoy" pr... More

Statement on the "freedom convoy"

Joel Harden, MPP for Ottawa Centre released the following statement in response to the actions of the "freedom convoy" participants in our city over the weekend:  “Politics is about persuasion, and... More