Joel Harden MPP / Député, Ottawa Centre

Government of Ontario


MPP Update #156: Earth Day is a time for action, not just words

Tomorrow is Earth Day. It’s a time when we reflect on environmental advocacy, and commit to protecting the planet we love, of which human beings are only one part. Indigenous leaders urge us to bui... More

MPP Update #155: How do we keep each other safe?

As I reflect on the last two weeks, my mind turns to issues of community safety. Transit workers and riders feeling unsafe with escalating levels of violence. Seniors and others stranded on trains ... More

MPP Update #154: Migrant tragedies are Canada's shame

MPP Update #153: Ontario should leave no one behind

Earlier this week, I told CTV News that Ontario should leave no one behind. The interview was about the Ford government’s decision to cancel a pandemic-inspired decision to extend OHIP coverage to ... More

Moving Ontarians Safely Act

Bill 40, the Moving Ontarians Safely Act, is a piece of Legislation introduced by MPP Joel Harden and Co-Sponsored by MPP's Jessica Bell, Doly Begum and Bhutila Karpoche that seeks to introduce new... More

MPP Update 152

Yesterday was budget day at the Legislature, with all the fanfare it brings. As I sat in Ottawa Centre’s chair, leafing quickly through briefings and the budget documents themselves, I drew one maj... More

MPP Update #151: Ottawa is a basketball city

I hope this note finds you well. As March Break got started last Sunday, we were treated to two of the best basketball games I’ve ever seen. The Ravens won the women’s and men’s national championsh... More

MPP Update #150: Anti-woke is pro-hate

Content warning: graphic violence  In the Legislature and online, I am sometimes accused of being “too woke”.  Socialists like me, the argument goes, have forgotten our roots in labour politics, e... More

MPP Update #149: Save the Rideau Canal, and save our planet too

Last week, you could hear the sounds of hearts breaking across Ottawa. Why? Because we learned our beloved Rideau Canal Skateway would not open for the current winter season. The National Capital C... More

MPP Update #148: Note to Premier Ford - hubris is dangerous

Earlier this week, I demanded the Ford government apologize to Ottawa residents. Justice Paul Rouleau’s Final Report to the Public Order Emergency Commission leaves no other conclusion. We were aba... More