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MPP Update 138: Ottawa's LRT mess spreads to Toronto

Ottawa’s LRT mess has spread to Toronto, like a virus leaping to a new host. The same players who gave us Stage 1 of Ottawa’s LRT system were also put in charge of Toronto’s Eglinton Crosstown, a 2... More

MPP Update 137: For Ottawa's LRT, sunlight is the best disinfectant

At 11 am two days ago, a loud thud was heard across Ontario. The final report of the Ottawa Light Rail Transit Public Commission dropped, and it hit the table hard.  The massive 664 page document d... More

MPP Update 136: Our democracy is always worth fighting for

For the second time in recent weeks, the Ford government has identified our democratic rights as a barrier to progress. You will recall the first time with Bill 28, when education workers – members... More

MPP Update 135: With Bill 23, it's not what you know...

It’s been quite the week at the Ontario Legislature.  I’m writing you this note on a break from the Standing Committee on Heritage, Infrastructure, and Cultural Policy. I’ve been serving here this ... More

MPP Update #134: What shall we remember?

“Take off your poppies! You don’t deserve to wear them!”  These were the words shouted across the aisle last week by MPP Jennie Stevens, the Official Opposition Critic for Veterans, Legions, and Mi... More

MPP Update 133: An unprecedented law, an unprecedented response

I spent today visiting picket lines across Ottawa. At each one I saw the same thing: honks of support from passers-by, and defiance from people who won’t be bullied any longer. Bill G28 is an unpre... More

MPP Update 132: The rights of education workers, and all workers across Ontario, are under attack

I’m writing you these words from my seat in the Legislature. I’m at the Third Reading debate on Bill 28, the most anti-worker legislation I’ve seen in decades.  As you likely know, CUPE-OSBCU educa... More

MPP Update 131: Is Doug Ford in a witness protection program?

As you may have seen, our first week back in the Legislature was memorable.  I asked Premier Ford why he was refusing to testify at the Public Order Emergency Commission in Ottawa. You likely saw t... More

MPP Update 130: Premier Ford must testify at the Emergencies Act inquiry

It's been quite the week on Parliament Hill. The inquiry into the use of the Emergencies Act has revealed several things about how the “Freedom Convoy” was handled by officials at all levels.  Firs... More

MPP Update 129: Direct action gets the goods for tenants

What if you lost your home? That’s the question facing Graham and Louis, low-income seniors who’ve shared a two-bedroom apartment on Elgin Street for 42 years. Their building had a fire on June 19,... More