Joel Harden MPP / Député, Ottawa Centre

Government of Ontario

Weekly Email Update

MPP Update #184: Rallying for peace, caroling for kindness (December 2-3)

Last week, I celebrated a global citizens movement that temporarily stopped the bloodshed and bombs in Gaza and Israel. Over 100,000 people rallied on Parliament Hill last Saturday.  Today, with bo... More

MPP Update #183: Tune in to the soundtrack of your life

"Ring the bell which still can ring Forget your perfect offering There is a crack, a crack in everything That’s how the light gets in" – Leonard Cohen, Anthem (1992). Do you love music? I sure do. ... More

MPP Update #182: This weekend, let’s push for road safety

This week was the culmination of much work for Bill 40: The Moving Ontarians Safely Act, the vote at Second Reading happened last night. I was hoping to relay good news today about Bill 40, but we ... More

MPP Update #181: Considering the price of peace

Last week I promised a veteran’s story from my own family, so this is Walter Russell Davison, my maternal grandfather. Grandpa D, as he was lovingly called, never discussed his military service. He... More

MPP Update #180: Send us your veterans' stories, for we must remember them.

Next week I won’t be in Toronto, I’ll be home in Ottawa Centre. Queen’s Park is recessed so MPPs can attend local events prior to Remembrance Day ceremonies. At this time of year, we remember the s... More

MPP Update #179: Organizing for justice in troubled times

Some think real change is impossible in politics, but I’ve never believed that. With hard work and good timing, breakthroughs can happen. On September 8 in this column, I asked for your help to sav... More

MPP Update #178: Stop the killing, stop the hate, we need a ceasefire now

CONTENT WARNING: GRAPHIC VIOLENCE What a horrifying week.  We are shocked at further news about the deaths (and mass casualties) of civilians in Israeli communities. The brutality is staggering.  B... More

MPP Update 177: Reasons to be thankful

This weekend is a moment to be thankful for the bounty of our harvest, and the hard-working people who feed us. We should thank the farmers and farm workers (including almost 27,000 from other coun... More

MPP Update #175: We need climate action, not climate opinions

Today is another global climate strike, led by the Fridays for Future movement, and I’m headed to Parliament Hill to face tough questions from high school students. I hope to get a rough ride. Like... More

MPP Update #174: Let's organize to defend the Greenbelt

The unfolding saga on Ontario’s Greenbelt is beyond belief. This seems like a Netflix show that runs like a Nordic version of The Sopranos. Two damning independent reports — from Ontario’s Auditor ... More