Joel Harden MPP / Député, Ottawa Centre

Government of Ontario

Premier Ford must testify at the Emergencies Act inquiry

We know Mayor Watson (in a private conversation to Prime Minister Trudeau, made public through inquiry disclosures) felt Premier Ford was absent in Ottawa’s time of need. The PM agreed, and said the Ford government’s promise of 1500 OPP officers was “disingenuous”. 

Premier Ford and Solicitor General Sylvia Jones refused to participate in inter-governmental meetings convened during the Convoy. Unlike Quebec, Ontario waited three weeks to use its powers in licensing and insurance to tow and fine Convoy trucks. 

The Premier had threatened $100,000 fines and canceled licenses for Convoy trucks. But in the end, his government assessed no fines for the 39 trucks that were towed and impounded. They just handed the keys back to the owners a week later

We deserve to know why the Ford Government was absent in our time of need.

Add your name to demand that Premier Ford, former Solicitor General Sylvia Jones, and Minister Carolyn Mulroney testify at the Emergencies Act inquiry.

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