Joel Harden MPP / Député, Ottawa Centre

Government of Ontario

I Support Local Ice Cream Shops in Ontario

The Merry Dairy, a local ice cream business in Ottawa Centre, was recently targeted by provincial government officials for wholesaling its ice cream pints to local shops, an action not allowed under Ontario's Milk Act.

As written this law hurts small ice cream producers and favours big producers: Nestle, Unilever (i.e.: Breyers and other brands) or Neilson. These players dominate the wholesale market, leaving limited space for others. 

Amendments to the Milk Act could allow small producers to sell wholesale with reasonable limitations (eg. within the jurisdiction of the local public health unit, or under a certain volume of milk product).

You can read our August 5th MPP column on this issue here

Add your name to petition the Government of Ontario to allow small ice cream shops access to local markets for wholesaling, provided all ingredients are fully traceable, and pasteurized milk and cream come from certified dairy plants in Ontario:

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