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MPP Update #194: Everyone deserves a home

Last week, House to Home, a local non-profit that helps refugees, had a break-in. I started hearing from neighbours immediately who were outraged once the news broke. House to Home’s storefront at ... More

MPP Update #193: Remembering Mary Ann Schadd

February is Black History Month, so let’s talk about Mary Ann Schadd. Why? Because she was the first Black woman publisher in North America, and the first woman publisher in Canada. Her newspaper,... More

MPP Update #192: Putting climate at the heart of every decision in Ontario

Over the past few weeks, I have been having conversations with local environmental groups and climate change experts. It has been a welcome reminder of the great climate action work being done in O... More

MPP Update #191: The mud that flies when you fight for your city

“Lord love a duck.”  These are words my grandmother often used against those making nonsensical arguments. Suffice it to say, I’m a chip off that block.  It’s been difficult to see the manufactured... More

MPP Update #190: For Ontario's 2024 Budget, let's support local solutions

In politics, as in life, it’s easy to point out problems, but harder to offer solutions. And yet, great solutions exist. You just need to find them, learn from them, and support them. I’ll cite thr... More

MPP Update #189: A hospital crisis hits close to home

I don’t talk about my family very much, but last weekend gave me an exception to that rule. Andrea, my sister, had a 37-hour ordeal at a local hospital emergency room (ER), and her experience offer... More

MPP Update #188: Thank you, Ed. We will keep working for a better world

When I heard about Ed Broadbent’s death yesterday, I was reading his book “Seeking Social Democracy: Seven Decades in the Fight for Equality”. The publisher, ECW Press, had sent me a review copy. I... More

MPP Update #187: Join us at our New Years Levee

I hope you’ve had a chance to catch up with family, friends, and neighbours. If you worked through the holiday season – as a first responder, or in essential services like shelters, home care, long... More

RE: A public apology to Dr. Yipeng Ge, and investigation into anti-Palestinian discrimination in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa

Yesterday I sent a letter to uOttawa's faculty of medicine, as a supporter of its incredible programs, asking for an apology to Dr. Yipeng Ge for his unjust suspension and an investigation into con... More

MPP Update # 186: Reflections on 2023 -- a year of organizing for justice

Soon we will close our MPP Office in Ottawa Centre from December 22 to January 2. Our talented staff team will take a deserved pause to recuperate. As we prepare to do that, let’s reflect on 2023. ... More