Joel Harden MPP / Député, Ottawa Centre

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Email Update #79: Housing is a Human Right

Ottawa residents cannot wait any longer for vaccine certificates: MPP Harden

OTTAWA — With the province of Quebec implementing vaccine certificates for non-essential services in September, Doug Ford needs to provide Ottawa residents with a vaccine passport now, said Joel Ha... More

Email Update #78: Back to school without a serious plan (yet)

This week the government claimed to offer a back to school plan for September. I know many of us are enjoying a novel this summer, but we don’t expect governments to write fiction in their public p... More

Email Update #77: Finding stillness this summer

By the time you read this email, I will be in the glorious woods of Algonquin Park, nestled in the bucolic scenery of Achray Campground.  Every year our family tries to make it to Achray, and there... More

Email update #76: My letter to Abel Mengistab, a year after his passing

What follows is a letter from me to Abel Mengistab, an amazing young leader we lost on June 24, 2020. I will be reading this letter at a celebration of life for Abel this Saturday, where a foundati... More

Email Update #75: Back to school for kids with disabilities

We’re in the full heat of summer, and most kids, parents and education staff aren’t thinking about back-to-school. If anything, they’re enjoying a welcome break.  But after countless missed weeks o... More

Email Update 74: They paved paradise, and put up a parking garage?

Our city is buzzing with debate over the site of the new Civic Hospital.   Sadly, it’s not about the quality of facility, or the way in which the hospital will position Ottawa a leader in health ca... More

Email Update #73: This July 1, let’s march for justice

This Summer is a time for learning about Canada’s colonial past and present. Many of us have committed to this work. This Thursday, we can put that work into action.  An Algonquin-led #CancelCanada... More

Email Update #72

Note: what follows is traumatic information. Those with direct or family experience with Indian Residential Schools can contact this helpline: 1-866-925-4419. Today we are reeling from another horr... More

ARTIST CALLOUT: Community mural against Islamophobia

About the project On June 6th, our province and country was shattered with news of an Islamophobic attack in London, ON. Three generations of a Muslim family were killed by a 20 year old white man... More