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Government of Ontario

Weekly Email Update

Update #105 Kindness always comes first

I’ve taken a couple of days off this week with our family for March Break. I hope you’ve had time off too. Taking a break allows time for reflection.  Lately I’ve been thinking about Wonder, one of... More

Update #103: It’s time to rally for peace

A text message from a Russian soldier to his mother was intercepted earlier this week. Its words were stark. “We were told we would be greeted with open arms, but they call us fascists,” the  soldi... More

Email Update #102

We’ve been through a lot in three weeks. Much has happened that will be discussed for years. Top of my list, as I wrote last Friday, is the power of people in action.  Mutual aid among neighbours, ... More

Email Update 101: We survived, we are strong, and we must heal this country

As I write, the removal of the Ottawa Convoy is happening, and I have mixed emotions.   On the one hand, I will not celebrate any violence that may happen. I take no joy in pain being inflicted on ... More

Email Update 100

Tonight is our third emergency town hall in the last week.  Our goal was to keep you informed about community efforts to get through this moment.  As I said last week, we will outlast the convoy wi... More

Email Update #99: Refusing to watch an accident happen

As a convoy of anti-vaccination protesters arrives in Ottawa, I’m feeling similar to protests at the Civic Hospital last September.  On the one hand, convoy participants rail against the Prime Mini... More

Email Update #98: Last Friday, we made a difference

Last Friday, we held a community fundraiser for Cooking for a Cause (CfC), and wow, I’m still in awe of what we did together.  It was a reminder of the level of empathy and generosity we have in ou... More

Email Update 97: When the game is in doubt, Minister Lecce moves the goalposts

I’ve been hearing from many parents, and the message is clear: you are exhausted, and tired of managing your childrens’ virtual school and work.  But many also wonder what kind of schools will be o... More

Email Update #96: How many meals can we offer to neighbours in need?

With Omicron afoot, many of us are isolated and struggling for social connection. Our schools are closed to in-person learning, and our health and community services are under massive strain. We ar... More

Email Update #95: All I want for Christmas is person-centred home care

This week I met an Ottawa family in crisis. Dave and Linda Hoffman need supportive housing for Monica, their 30-year-old daughter who lives with various disabilities. The Hoffmans can no longer man... More